Meet the Directors

Carlos Ferruz Klerman


In his early working years, Carlos was part of finance management teams, strategic consulting, and Projects management. In addition to participating in ventures in commercial and tourism areas.

Carlos has been working for the past 5 years in the pet industry, from Administration and Finance to Distribution and Project Management. In the latter he led the implementation and implementation of Pet Food and Snack plant. Carlos has traveled and exhibited at the biggest pet fairs in the world.

Now he is opening a distribution business in North America, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Carlos Marchant Mondaca


Business and Administration Engineer. He is a finance, investment, and project management expert, with most of his carrier in the banking sector.

He has already built from the beginning two Companies, precious experience for leading Pet Kitchen in its fast-growing stage.

Carlos’s leadership and compromise with the company gave him Partner status.

Attached: Balance CORFO

Francisco Gayan Fanta


Francisco has participated in state and private innovation processes for the past 11 years, incorporating innovation and new models operating in the technology industry where he has developed most of his professional career.

In parallel, he has worked as a mentor and has evaluated investment projects with technological components, where he has developed a wide network of contacts and will be the project leader for this management capacity.

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