An unmet importance of family unit members believe was more common among rural than simply certainly one of metropolitan owners (23% vs

November 5, 2023

An unmet importance of family unit members believe was more common among rural than simply certainly one of metropolitan owners (23% vs

Full, 20% of Filipino women was basically thought to have an unmet requirement for relatives believe characteristics–9% to own manner of spacing births and you may 11% having means of conclude childbearing. 16%). Young people and female aged 20-24 were age-groups most likely to possess an unmet significance of a style of spacing births (27% and you will 21%, respectively). With regards to schooling, a significance of a style of spacing births is actually most readily useful one of women no training (14% vs. 8-9% certainly most other female), and you may feminine and no degree or primary education was in fact more likely than simply feminine having high amounts of degree to possess a keen unmet dependence on a style of end Moldavan filles chaudes et sesy childbirth (15-16% versus. 8-10%).

Contraceptive Degree and employ

Expertise in nearest and dearest thought is practically universal regarding Philippines: At the time of the new questionnaire, 98% away from already hitched female know of at least one to modern approach and you will 94% understood with a minimum of one traditional approach. Probably the most the most popular steps was indeed the new tablet (stated by 97% away from already hitched feminine), followed closely by the newest condom (95%), the latest IUD and you can female sterilization (92% each), additionally the injectable (89%).

Most females exactly who utilized a modern birth-control method acquired their birth prevention regarding a public source (72%), such as for example a beneficial barangay or community health route (24%), an authorities medical otherwise a neighborhood fitness route (23% each)

A total of 69% out of hitched women got actually skilled birth prevention; the fresh pill in addition to condom was in fact the methods said by the prominent size of feminine (36% and fourteen%, respectively). During the time of the newest questionnaire, 28% of females were using a modern means and you can 18% were utilizing a classic one. The quintessential commonly used methods was in fact women sterilization together with pill (each mentioned by the 10% of females), followed by detachment and you will natural family members believed (9% each). Not one means try relied on of the over 4% of females.

Accessibility progressive steps try higher certainly women in towns than just among outlying populace (31% versus. 25%). After that, feminine with at least specific training have been more likely than simply female and no specialized education in order to believe in for example tips (25-31% versus. 9%). When family relations size is thought, birth-control prevalence are high among female having three people (40%) and you may low one of female having none (1%).

Although not, the majority of women whom made use of condoms gotten them regarding good individual scientific source (54%), instance a drugstore (47%). Overall, 41% of females training birth control left behind access to the means when you look at the first year. Pages out of condoms, this new injectable, withdrawal therefore the tablet was in fact the best so you’re able to stop have fun with (60%, 52%, 46% and 49%, respectively). Ones whom left behind, 31% quoted approach failure, 16% ill-effects and you can 15% a want to get pregnant. Profiles of your injectable had been probably in order to statement ill effects (32%); profiles away from detachment have been most likely in order to mention approach inability (22%).

Among feminine not already practicing contraception, 33% intended to use a technique next one year and 8% desired to explore a strategy later on. The latest tablet is actually the most common type forty% of females looking to behavior birth control sooner or later throughout the upcoming.

Fifty-four per cent of nonusers don’t intend to routine contraception during the the future. The reasons normally cited for nonuse certainly one of women younger than simply 31 was in fact an interest in much more students (27%), ill-effects (25%) and you may health issues (15%). Certainly women old 30 or older, widely known factors considering getting nonuse was in fact an interest in significantly more youngsters (19%), menopausal otherwise hysterectomy (18%), ill effects (16%) and you will health concerns (13%).